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Monday, December 2, 2013

On being a theist

I can concede that any theological claims where the alleged immaterial reality trumps demonstrable truth is necessarily false and constitutes an irrational faith. However I find the claim that faith is irrational to be itself irrational and fundamentally either dishonest or flawed. Real faith is not irrational it is arational. From the standpoint of reason, even the question of god is unanswerable.

Just as personal solipsism is beyond proof so too the solipsism of the universe itself is beyond grasp.

For those who have no personal awareness of a presence, a personal faith cannot ever be more than a cultural or anthropological byproduct and very likely an immoral social opportunity to exploit. But for those who sense a presence they cannot deny, there is no more a choice to be theistic than the atheist has for concluding other people exist.

It seems to me that both the theist and the atheist must resort to oxymoronic strategies in an attempt to prove the experience of the other is invalid.

We must accept ourselves where we find ourselves and we must not reject others who find themselves elsewhere.

Why have I had an experience of presence since a young child? That is an excellent question. Seeking an answer seduced me into entering the abusive realm of fundamentalism which proved to me to be void of the answer. As I venture through my 6th decade I have no compelling answer.

Why do various others have no such experience? How the hell would I know, but I cannot resort to inventing a hell to satisfy the question.

I accept my fellow human beings who are atheists as honest with self, lovely people I am privileged to know. All I ask is that you accept me as a theist, puzzling as it may seem.

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