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Monday, August 12, 2013

Debates about God do not have to be fruitless

Although theists and atheists can mention numerous things in their attempt to demonstrate how their position is coherent and reasonable, both conclusions are actually very weak. Neither position can sufficiently compel the other because there always remains a reasonable workaround to every point.

Consequently, when they debate with each other, a lot of theists and atheists are actually investing in their conclusions; they're not really discussing the relevant issues. It is as if neither side is comfortable facing the fact that all the arguments both rely upon are weak.

Hopefully as they discuss they can arrive at a point of genuine respect for how the other position, though lacking in a compelling logic, can be held to by a well informed educated thinking person.

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  1. Just coincidentally, I have just begun another discussion of my Atheism 101 Critical Thinking Exercise with an atheist activist of sorts, Dave Foda:


    Robert Baty