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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Personal Identity

Where you are at is simply your location; it is not YOU. You are not defined by what you own, by your history, by your current state of development, by your perceptions, by what makes sense to you, by the choices you make based on your perceptions, or by any such thing that interfaces you with the world or others. True those things belong to you and you are responsible for what belongs to you. 

When you become more mature, you do not lose you, nor do you become you. All that changes is the content on your slate. You are the slate, you have always been that slate and will always be that slate. 

This is why God loves you. You deserve His love. The slate you are is made in his very image and he is rather fond of the value that is your very essence. We are people who are like gold refined in the fire of the challenges of life. Sometimes life can dump more impurities into the gold and sometimes the impurities rise to the top where they can be skimmed away. But be sure of this one thing, whenever dross is skimmed off, what you lose is not you and never was you. Furthermore, the gold that you are has always been gold and has always been you. The real you is the pure gold always and from the beginning until forever.

Like the smelter who heats up the gold and skims away the dross that rises to the top, and he works at it until the gold is so pure he can see his own reflection in the liquid gold, so too is God who lives in you, loving you through every step of your life. He is the smelter and purifies the gold you are until he sees the real you. And when He sees the real you, He sees his own reflection.