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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Religious devotion to Theology tends to divide people; however a scholarly dispassionate devotion to theology tends to unite. I think the reason for this is because religious people, without realizing it, tend to think in an “us opposed to them” mentality. In other words they tend to think in terms of “This is what WE believe and that is what THEY believe.” They then go forward to champion their own tradition.

But scholars, on the other hand are not opposed to changing their mind when the facts warrant, and scholars are usually less concerned about breaking with the pack when the facts require it. In deed in many scholarly circles it is considered a real accomplishment if you can formulate a different insight and win over those of a former view with the facts. So they tend to be more open to changes in perspectives, and open to entire paradigm shifts when warranted.

Einstein was considered a kook at first; traditional views of physics were well accepted. What he proposed would change everything. He was actually black listed for a while and could not obtain a teaching position because of his non standard views. Fortunately for him, the world of physics was approaching a brick wall and when they hit it, so to speak, Einstein’s views that he had published were reconsidered. The rest is history and today physics has moved well beyond where Einstein brought it.

But such changes have yet to really become the norm for theists. People of faith still tend to be overly focused on “US VERSUS THEM” even when they do not realize that is what they are doing.

One of the reasons I like being a part of the New Covenant Group is that they want to give voice to all points of view and want to face all the questions without creating barriers as much as possible. When we discuss theology we are not interested so much in the US VERSUS THEM mentality, we want to pursue the THIS VERSUS THAT mentality.

When dealing with people who have different opinions about God, Jesus, the bible and such things, we do not believe that THEY are the enemy. If there are any problems those problems are not in THEM or in US, those problems are in THIS or THAT.

If you are trying to make more sense of Christian thought, I would encourage you to reconsider if you are operating on an “US VERSUS THEM” modality or a “THIS VERSUS THAT” modality.

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  1. Getting past a flat timespace mentality: Dr. Lisa Randal, professor of quantum physics in Harvard University defined for science the fifth dimension to be that direction through the variously bent timespaces, from globally bent timespace with its values of pi below 3.14159265…, through the solid “reality” of flat timespace, with the standard value of pi at 3.14159265…, up to “saddle” (parabolichyperboloid) timespace, with its values of pi higher than 3.14159265… “Up to”, yes there is an up and down here, surely the up and down of conventional religion. “Down” in globally bent timespace there is a corresponding increase in entropy production rate, which is identical with polarity cancellation rate. A fast polarity cancellation rate is fire. Down around a pi value of 2 is the Lake of Fire. From flat timespace to the Lake of Fire is the Underworld, Hades, etc. But, a fast polarity cancellation rate feels good, “pleasure”. Vagal stimulation (like by Holotropic Breathing) accesses globally bent timespace. “Up” are the smothering hights of “saddle” timespace. What? Is all the asceticism (deprivation) to acclimate one to the smothering heights of “saddle” timespace? It is no wonder why THEY outlaw pleasure, and Trump would return us to this puritanism. But, God has fire, a fast polarity cancellation rate, consuming (by polarity cancellation) fire, that can return that which exists back to eternal nonexistence, to never suffer pain again. What did God take from us that He didn’t give us, that, therefore, by justice, He owes us back? Nonexistence.