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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unconventional yes, but do I fit into a category?

I find it absurd to believe that a person's personal eternal destiny is contingent upon their submission to a truth that cannot be independently verified and requires figuring it out in spite of its association with a bunch of crap from people who have rejected solid scientific breakthroughs in every generation for the last 2000 years in order to defend their already figured it out traditions?

This is why I believe the Gospel is NOT ABOUT OUR ETERNAL DESTINY. Believing the Gospel now only determines who gets to subjectively experience the reality of Christ in this life. Part of what I am saying is, "I believe in Ultimate Universal reconciliation."

Oh but, Bob, now you are embracing a label and adopting an ___ism and becoming an ___ist. Isms and ists and labels are useful tools the brain uses to help us organize numerous variations on a theme. Anyone who thinks they do not live in labels or isms or ists is only kidding themselves and is either understandably unaware of how conscious coherence functions for human beings or has compromised intellectual integrity in order to sound free. The brain does not always work with labels at a conscious level, but it cannot function at all without them.

So this is my label, my ism, my ist. Nonetheless, my faith is in the person of Christ, not my concept of Him; and my life is found in the event of the cross and resurrection not the doctrine of atonement; and my hope is not in my concept of heaven, it is in the abiding and indwelling Christ.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Core of Empathy

In Genesis, God says, "The day you eat of it you will surely die." Does that sound like a warning to you? It does not to me. To me it sounds like God's gasp of horror as He thinks on the impending outcome. The thought of losing fellowship with His babies makes Him gasp out the realization of the painful estrangement. The statement is an invitation for you to empathize with your loving heavenly father's contemplated loss.