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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Regulating Sin, do I use the bible or look to Jesus?

The scriptures speak most eloquently to the new creation, the old you is irrelevant. The presence of Christ, the gifts of ministry to the body, and the breath of God speak to and nurture the regenerated life. It is not focused upon sin management but upon the generous grace of God which through the abiding Christ fully transforms our hearts and minds. He who walks in the spirit can afford to completely forget about sin. The scriptures point to Christ, without Christ the words would be useless. With Christ the words launch us toward the inexpressible hope of complete restoration and glory. To me the scriptures are an amazing artifact of holy men moved by the Holy Spirit, but I will glory most in the presence of Christ and in the love that compelled Him to secure our redemption. The glorious word pales in comparison.

More than programs, more than bible studies, more than theological systems and academic analysis of the bible, we need Christians who live in the presence of Christ and whose living reflects the authenticity of a soul fully engaged in the love of God who then involve themselves in the lives of others genuinely caring for their needs and concerns without a response agenda. Certainly people do require a certain level of clarity and understanding of what is the truth, but more than that, they need the revelation that God loves them, likes them, and counts it great joy to know them intimately. Part of how we do that is by being people who love them, who genuinely like them and who consider it a privilege to be part of their lives.

I enjoy theology but too often its nuances become the focus and distract us from simply knowing Christ and the resurrection power. The scripture is not our destiny it is a living tool that increases our faith in Christ. Even an accurate theology makes a lousy god. A faulty understanding that nonetheless brings us to trust in Christ will not fail because ultimately it is Christ who once fully present will make all the difference in time. Besides no human has the capacity to genuinely understand truth to its depth. We all will be somewhat mistaken in how we understand, but the One who lives within us is mistaken about nothing and He can complete His work in us without regard to our personal limits.

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