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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Say "No!" to both determinism AND free will

Western philosophy prefers a metaphysics that operates only by forces both hidden and obvious. Things work the way they do from laws of mind and matter due to laws of necessity. It is ultimately impossible to sustain a philosophy of freedom of choice within such a framework. It results in an inevitable determinism and a mere illusion of free will.

Indeed it creates an all or nothing debate of Free Will versus Determinism. And I, typical of my humbug attitude, reject both determinism AND Free Will.

Only God has free will. But He did not use His free will to create a universe that runs only on determinants. But by His free will, God can and did create a universe out of absolutely nothing. That is truly free will! (!!!!)
You cannot do that on any scale that comes anywhere close. Furthermore, in His free will, God created a universe with multiple axis and multiple forces creating an environment filled with various opposing options held in perfect balance. Within that context human beings, created -- not identical to God but rather -- merely in His image. And I say "merely" as if that were not something awesome even thought it is unspeakably awesome. Being made in God's image, we were NOT given free will, but FREEDOM OF CHOICE. We cannot create options in balance like God does, but we can choose from among the options that do exist and tip the balance.

There is no way to prove or disprove the following statement: We cannot determine if the biology of the human body represents the entirety of our conscious entity or of the human body is merely the physical apparatus that houses our conscious existence and sustains its interface with the physical universe. It is possible that the soul is a non physical existence not subject to the laws of physics but housed in a physical biological body subject to all the laws of physics. This is something we cannot determine as true or false. If it is true, that has astounding implications; if it is false, that too has astounding implications.
Indeed this is how God is sovereign. He does not over rule or control our free choices. Instead He controls the options held in physical balance and the outcomes if tipped settle into a new balance -- PERIOD. God created a universe where it is inevitable that reasonable conscious people will eventually run out of agreeable evil options from which they can choose and will eventually see the need to be voluntarily won over to love and arrive at a place where love will win over the unreasonable heart and our freedom of choice will then be used to fully and freely participate in the options that remain in full force of our own faculties while in concert with the love of God. Freedom of choice is NEVER violated and God's sovereignty is never in danger. Full and entire reconciliation IS the only inevitable destiny. It arrived at both by the determinants of the physical world and the freedom of choice of the non physical soul.
God does not cause all things, He causes all things to work together. Do not say yes to determinism. Do not say yes to free will. Say yes to freedom of choice to tip the balance determined by physics tipped by love or its absence.