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Friday, October 29, 2010

A message about the number 3 in the Bible

A message I gave on October 24, 2010. It is the first message I have given in about 6 years. In many ways it is merely a typical message, and it is a bit awkward around the edges but I received many requests that I make it available to my online friends.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To be like Christ.

Since my Bob Jones days I have abandoned the theology of certainty and fundamentalism. I prefer a theology that is uncertain, a theology of appreciation for the array of possible perspectives wherein I feel no obligation to give any one of them final loyalty. In many ways  my loyalty is to the undefined  person of Christ, not my concept of Christ. The array of possibilities in various concepts simply helps me with tools to grab hold of it all.

Compassion reaffirms the value of another's existence. It is not a doctrine, it is an experience that runs the gamut from concept to mystery and lands upon a nonverbal delight subtly larger than I can manage.

Sure I have a theology that is highly conceptual and in many ways I am having a blast thinking and interpreting and studying such things. But these things are worthless when compared to the brief and quiet moment when one stops to realize ... He lives in me; He thinks I am lovely. I am so fortunate that somehow in ways I can never adequately explain He emerges in me resonating in the image of Him that is me. And by this grace that leaves me speechless, it is my destiny to discover just how much like Him I can really be. I can then look up to see my neighbor and my neighbor is just like me and intended for that same destiny.