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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are Christians experts on God and life?

It is a strange thing how some Christians feel that simply being a Christian means they now understand the things of God and the secrets to living a good life.

But think about it. Do you have any relationships at all? Does having any of those relationships automatically make you an expert in sociology or psychology or anthropology or philosophy or anything else without an honest effort toward a credible education? So just because we have a relationship with God, why does that automatically cause us to know things we have not explored with a well developed and authentic understanding of? Just because we believe and have the ability to read and think for ourselves does not make us bible scholars.

OK so the spirit of God talks to you. Does this somehow make you into a person who understands the intricacies of communication or how language works or how conceptualization takes place in the brain and so now you can avoid assumptions unawares? Or is this an experience of the mystery of the closeness of the lover of our souls? Does He speak to instruct us in fine details or to assure our hearts that we are His?

Sorry, but there is no substitute for an excellent education. However, all this notwithstanding, the knowledge that is really important in the Christian life is the authenticity of one's heart given to Christ and the genuineness of experience that can belong to any one who remains present with Christ, who walks with Him and who allows the wonderment of life in Christ to be embraced with fondness. It is not about having answers it is about having the connection.

If it is answers you want, you are on your own. So long as you are in Christ whatever answers are genuinely working for you are good enough for now. If you want better answers then develop the skills to differentiate good answers from bad answers and prepare to be often mistaken even if well intended. All the answers any of us have will never be more that what we are capable of understanding anyway.

I have given a great deal of time in my life to become an educated person. The more I learn the more I discover that what we think we know may not necessarily be true. Every answer creates even more questions and reality over time becomes even more unmanageable. There comes a time when the real value of education is that it gives you various ways of managing life while it keeps you from settling into self-discovered answers that fall apart when you work them through to their logical end.

Love each other, love yourself, love God -- life is good! Who needs more than that?

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